MHS Announces Murray High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Nominations Being Accepted

by S. Purdom

1/14/2014 3:32:10 PM

Murray High School Announces Murray High School Athletic Hall of Fame Murray, Ky., Jan. 14-----Murray High School is currently accepting nominations for the newly-established Murray High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Jim Baurer, MHS athletic director, said the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame has been established to recognize the achievements of former athletes, teams, coaches, and contributors who have made a significant contribution to the athletic heritage of Murray High School. Athlete/Team, Legend (Coach) and Contributor are the three designated nominee categories. These divisions are for the sole purpose of assisting those making nominations to understand the kind of information that is required on the nomination form. Each nomination category includes qualifications that stipulate an athlete nominee must have attended and competed for MHS a minimum of two years and is an MHS graduate. Those nominated in the Athlete and Team categories will not be considered until five years following the achievement(s) and graduation of the athlete has passed. A Legend nominee must have coached at MHS for a minimum of five varsity seasons, and a Contributor must have been actively involved in an athletic program at MHS for a minimum of five years. Baurer explained all nominees must currently exemplify and exemplified the highest standards in sportsmanship, behavior, moral decisions, leadership, and above all else exhibit the character worthy of a “Tiger.” “Character traits of a Tiger include many attributes,” he said. “Primarily, a Tiger has a strong work ethic and perseveres, shows respect for teammates, coaches, opponents and classmates, demonstrates integrity in decision making, is dependable, and puts forth great effort in everything he or she does.” Nomination forms are available at the MISD Board Office, 208 S. 13th Street, Murray High School, 501 Doran Road, and on the MHS athletic website. No deadline on the nominations as it is a fluid ongoing process. For more information contact Baurer at 753-5202 or