MES K Teacher Named Elementary Teacher of the Year

by KY Council of Teachers of English Board

by S. Purdom

1/13/2015 5:39:16 PM

News Image Photo: MES Kindergarten Teacher, Hannah Stark, reading to her kindergarten class. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hannah Stark Murray Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Named Elementary Teacher of the Year by the KY Council of Teachers of English Board Murray, Ky., Jan. 13----Hannah Stark, Murray Elementary School (MES) kindergarten teacher, was named as the Elementary Teacher of the Year by the Kentucky Council of Teachers of English Board. Each year, KCTEE/LA recognizes teachers at elementary, middle grades, high school and college level who excel in their duties as teachers, mentors to students, and as teacher-leaders in their buildings, districts and beyond. Nominated by Holly Bloodworth, MES Reading teacher the 2014 Kentucky Teacher of The Year, Bloodworth said Stark’s philosophy of teaching the whole child is evident daily. “Hannah’s standards based on curriculum is exciting, and full of wonder. Learning can still be fun, and that is obvious in her room. She involves her student’s parents and makes parent teaching a part of her success.” Stark’s nomination letter, written by Bloodworth, also indicates Stark creates a literacy rich environment that develops all of the language arts. “Through a variety of experiences, Hannah develops the children’s listening, speaking reading and writing skills.” Bloodworth also indicated that in addition to Stark’s outstanding work in the classroom, she also has a real presence in social media through her blog, and development of teacher resources. Many teachers utilize the interactive calendar she created and she has been featured in social media events geared for teachers of primary. A recent message on Stark’s blog located at expresses she has a “true passion for finding ways to bring Kindergarten out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century, while still holding on to some basic truths about how young students learn.” Stark said it is truly an honor to be chosen for this award. “I sincerely love my students and am blessed to be a Murray Elementary School teacher. The most validating honor is to be recognized by your peers and I am humbled by the support and affirmation I have received. It will certainly fuel my determination to press on toward our MISD tradition of excellence.” A special recognition for Stark will be held during this year’s KCTE/LA conference luncheon in February at Embassy Suites in Lexington.