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New 2018-2019 Immunization Law

by S. Purdom
Added: 1/3/2018



Murray, Ky., Jan. 3-------A recent 2018-2019 amendment to Kentucky state law regarding required student immunization schedules will impact a significant number, if not all, the Murray Independent School District students.  According to the new Immunization Requirements it is now required that all students must have two doses of the Hepatitis A vaccine and students 16 years or older need proof of receiving two doses of Meningococcal ACWY vaccine to attend school.  Pam Paschall, MISD school nurse, said the MISD realizes it may be difficult for all students to obtain appointments in January.  “We do ask that you make appointments soon and at least begin the series and have one hepatitis A shot before school begins in August.” 

TRANSFERS must present Kentucky School Medical Examination Form (physical exam) and Kentucky immunization certificate. ALL STUDENTS must present a new immunization certificate.  Any questions, please contact the school nurse, medical provider, or the Calloway County Health Department.

The new regulations are as follows:

•ALL students in K-12th grade must have two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine to attend school.  Hepatitis A vaccine is a series of two shots, and the injections must be given six months apart.  In order to meet requirements, the first shot needs to be given in January so the second dose can be given before school’s August start date. (We realize it may be difficult for all students to get appointments in January therefore we ask that you make your appointments soon and at least begin the series by showing proof of one hepatitis A shot before school starts in August 2018.)


•Students aged 16 years or older also must show proof of having received two doses of Meningococcal ACWY vaccine (MenACWY) to attend school.  The first dose is required between ages 11-12, and now a booster is required at age 16.  If the first dose was received at age 16 years or older, then the second dose is not required for school entry. All students must obtain a new immunization record showing he/she received the age-appropriate vaccines for school entry.


 Some health care providers and our local health department have been administering the Hepatitis A vaccine for the past several years, so your child may be compliant with this regulation.  However, the meningococcal booster is a new requirement, so this affects ALL STUDENTS age 16 and older.  Check your child’s immunization certificate.  If you are unsure or do not have your child’s certificate, contact your school nurse, your health care provider, or health department.   If your child needs to start the Hepatitis A vaccine series, please contact your health care provider or local health department as soon as possible for an appointment to start the vaccine in January.  If your child has received their first shot in the series, they will need their second shot 6 months after the first on.  If your child has received the complete Hepatitis A series, please make sure we have an updated immunization certificate showing requirements are met at school.  If your child is age 16 or older, or will be when the 2018-19 school year begins, they must receive their second meningococcal vaccine by August 2018 and an updated immunization certificate showing requirements are met must be submitted to school. 

For more information visit the Kentucky Department for Public Health website at

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