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MES Participates in St. Judes Mathathon

by Janet Caldwell
Added: 6/5/2007 6:20:07 AM

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital announced today the successful completion of Math-A-Thon at Murray Elementary School in Murray, Kentucky. Principal Janet Caldwell recognized students who had participated in the program during a school-wide Awards Day Celebration. Math-A-Thon, now in its 28th year, is an educationally based fund-raising program in which students obtain sponsors for the number of math problems completed in special workbooks provided for them. “ The students who participate in the program learn to do more than just math problems, they also learn the importance of helping children who are less fortunate than themselves,’’ said program coordinators Debbie Miller and Tonda Thomas. Since its founding in l962 by the late entertainer, Danny Thomas, the survival rates for most forms of pediatric cancer have risen dramatically. St. Jude fully credits these successes in treatment to the generous support of people around the world, including the students at Murray Elementary School.

Our Grand Total for this year's Math-a-thon fundraiser was $15,596.89. The P1's earned $3,674.94 The top class earner was Mrs. Henry with $1,113.80 and 2nd place was Mrs. Perry with $1,082.14
The P2's earned $3,115,32. The top class earner was Mrs. Chiles with $1,186.00 and the 2nd place earner was Mrs. Dickerson with $790.97. The P3's earned $3,861.84. The top class earner was Mr. Blanchard with $979.00 and 2nd place was Mrs. Colson with $883.75. The P4's earned $3,844.79 . The top class earner was Ms. Starkey with $1,516.00 2nd place was Mrs. Bloodworth with $726.17.

“We are very proud of our students for working so hard on the Math-A-Thon” said Caldwell. “With their help, St. Jude Hospital will be able to create new treatments that may one day lead to a cure for many forms of cancer affecting children. We want to extend our thanks to the Murray community for supporting our students. It takes all of us to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer, and we can all feel proud of our response.”

For the second year in a row, Jordan Barnett, P4 student was the grand prize earner with the most money earned for the entire school.

Pictured are Jordan Barnet and the P4 students that participated in the Math-A-Thon.

lst row (l to r)
Lauren Edminster, Bryant Foster, Celeste Siqueiros, Noah Newsome, Casey Bouley, Hannah West, Kenneth Jackson, Hayes Finklea, Jordan Barnett, Shelby Warner, Jake Morris, Hannah Tinsley.

2nd row (l to r)
Kati Madden, Madelyn Coleman, Chaley Roberts, Jilian Casebeer, Clay Doran, Dillon Balthrop, Nico Ferreyra, Ben Jackson, Cam Kelly, Parker Wooldridge, Kaitlyn Koehler, Tesla Like, Abby Gibson, Tya Cunningham, Madison Bresford-Young.

3rd row (l to r)
Maya Yandal, Samantha Taylor, Marshall Hill, J.D. Cashion, Elizabeth Smith, Roger Jones, Chase Nelson, Alec Corum, Claire Wilson, Taylor English, Lily Ramey, Mathai Karanja, Daniel Harper, Shelby Moss, Hannah Cain-Hill.

4th row (l to r)
April Meadows, Chase Irvin, Preston Ross, Tanner Foster, Austin Wilson, Jada Todd, Trent Lyons, Mason Welch, Aaron Rogers, Steffany Lamb, Madison Adams, Keragan Young.

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