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Murray Independent School District is proud of its tradition of excellence. For nearly 150 years, we have provided a quality education to the students of our community. Our school has consistently ranked near the top of the list on the state accountability lists of student learning.

We embrace rigorous academic standards, continuous improvement, and the involvement of parents and community members. Our district maintains the highest accreditation possible as we have been recognized by Standard and Poor's as an Outperforming School District as well as being named on multiple occasions as a Kentucky District of Distinction by the Kentucky Department of Education.

Although our district enrollment is only 1500 plus students, we are able to offer a wide range of classes. For example, our high school offers eleven Advance Placement classes, three foreign languages, and a pre-engineering curriculum

We're proud of our school system and we invite you to let us know if we can provide you with additional information.

Proven Results

2017-2018 District Report Card

Student Attendance Rate 96.4%
EL Math 79.6%
EL Reading 74.5%
MS Math 71.1%
MS Reading 77.8%
Transition Readiness 96.5%
HS Math 69.7%
HS Reading 60.7%

About Us

Murray City Schools

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Our History

Since 1872

Our district's website is the official source of information about our district and our schools. We work hard daily to uphold the long tradition of academic excellence that has been in existence since 1872. Throughout our history, we have provided a quality education.

Food Service

Menus & Information

Our district participates in the National School Lunch/Breakfast program. Nutritious menus are offered which are created using patterns established by the USDA. For more information about our menu cycle and its variety of offerings, please see our food service main page.

Staff Directory

Contact Us

The staff directory is searchable by name (first or last name), position, department, location, and grade level. Communication between our customers (parents and the community) is valued by us. Please reach out to us anytime you have a question or concern.

School Report Card

Top of Our Class

According to the KDE School Report Card, we graduate more of our students, send more of them to college, have fewer dropouts, spend more per pupil on instruction, have higher attendance rates for both students and teachers, and have lower teacher-pupil ratios than most schools in the state.


Always Striving to Improve

All school districts and individual schools are required by KDE to complete a comprehensive improvement plan. The process itself serves as a way to assess the school's learning environment, efficiency, and academic performance which helps determine instructional needs.

Board of Education

Community Representatives

The Board of Education is responsible for decisions that affect the entire school district. The five members are elected by the community. Although there is an election every two years, the terms are staggered so that Board members serve four years.

Our Services

All About the Students

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Kids' Company

Childcare Program

A childcare program that operates at the elementary and middle school, Kids' Company has two sessions each year - an after school session and an all day session during the summer. During the school year, Kids Company follows the MISD school calendar. For more information about this program, see our Kids' Company page.

Food Service

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Nutritious menus are offered which are created using patterns established by the USDA. Our menu cycle provides for variety and allows us to make efficient use of commodities and seasonal fruits. More information including our menus can be accessed here.

Special Education

Intervention & Strategies

We offer Special Education services to students with identified disabilities. To find out more about these services offered within the district, contact David McDowell, Director of Special Education, at (270) 761-6512.

Notification System


The school district uses the SchoolMessenger system to notify students, parents and employees of important information. This system is used to announce school closings, low lunch balance, and other necessary information. For more infomation including how to add numbers, see our SchoolMessenger page.

Student Information System

Infinite Campus

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is a confidential and secure website where you can get current information about your child's school attendance and grades online. For more information including the mobile app, see our Campus Portal Information page.


Safe & Dependable

Our objective is to provide safe, efficient, and dependable transportation. For more information, please see our transportation page.

One Small District

But With Great BIG Talent!

The first line of John Greenleag Whittier's well-known poem reads, Still sits the schoolhouse ... by the road ...". Few communities can boast
of such a rich history and long tradition as do we of the Murray City Schools. For nearly 150 years school children have gathered
at the corner of Eighth and Main - once the far western edge of town.

Some of our Favorite Moments

Robert Frost said, "Home is the place, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." We like to think of our schools as the place, where, if you get to go there, you know they'll take you in. Fond memories-strong ties. Theologians may speak of the Trinity and World War II historians of the Big Three. We think our community has been shaped by three also ... the families, the churches, and this school.

To borrow from yet another author, I don't know "of cabbages and kings," but I do know of the U.S. congressman, the lieutenant governor, the astronaut, the nationally-recognized publisher,the heads of several major medical centers, the university professors, the accepted voice of leadership in our state's department of education, doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and businesswomen, and countless good, hard-working, tax-paying citizens (moms and dads) who walked these halls and sacrificed so that their children could enjoy the better education inherent in the Murray City Schools.

Our school system, and more importanly our students, have created nearly 150 years of memories. Those memories we all hold dear to our hearts.

Every Student, Every Day

Tradition, Pride, & Excellence