Emergency Notification System

The school district uses the SchoolMessenger system to notify students, parents and employees of important information. This automated telephone calling system is used to announce school closings, employee information, team meetings, low lunch balance, or other necessary information.

school messenger logo

The calls will come to the phone number(s) submitted when a student enrolls in the school system which are then entered into Infinte Campus.

Calls from SchoolMessenger will announce that the call is coming “from the Murray Independent School District”. Caller ID will show 270-753-4363, if the call originates from the board office. Calls from a school will show the school’s phone number on Caller ID.

Many announcements are also sent through the SchoolMessenger email system. Email addresses may be submitted to the school office to be added to Infinite Campus.

Some short announcements may also be sent by text message. To receive text message notifications, you must opt-in by texting the letter Y to 67587 (the SchoolMessenger short code) from your cell phone. When SchoolMessenger receives this Alert text message, your cell phone will be labeled as an “Opt-in” to receive text message notifications. A text confirmation will be sent to your cell phone.

If you would like to stop receiving text messages, you may opt-out by texting the word STOP to 67587 from your cell phone. Text messages will be disabled to your number. (You can opt-in again at any time by texting Y to 67587.) If you choose to opt-out of text messaging, you will continue to receive voice phone calls from the district to your cell phone.

Parents should contact their child's school to verify current phone number information. Additionally, parents can add additional phone numbers and email addresses via the SchoolMessenger Website or using the SchoolMessenger Education App (blue one) available in the various app stores.