A Tradition of Excellence
Every Student, Every Day

Murray Independent is organized into an elementary, a middle, and a high school. Our size, with just three schools, allows us to meet the needs of all students..

More About Our Schools

 The Murray City School System is organized into an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. With only three schools, the Murray school system is a small one, a fact which contributes immeasurably to its "tradition of excellence." Small numbers make it easier for more young people to get involved in sports, in clubs, and in various activities.

In small schools, more students are given opportunities to hold responsible positions; and more of them are honored for their achievements. Small numbers give principals and teachers a lot of flexibility. They can schedule and rearrange classes to meet the needs or the interests of a particular group of students or grade level. Most important, small enrollment means that teachers can respond to students personally, because they know their families, their experiences, their interests, their friends. Students new to the system find it easy to belong - they're not just faces in the crowd.

Small numbers don't mean that students are shortchanged in the curriculum. Our schools make certain that students have a good, firm grounding in traditional subjects. Electives and exploratory classes can, and do, respond to the needs and interests of students.