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our breakfast & lunch program

The Murray Independent School District participates in the National School Lunch/Breakfast program. Nutritious meals are served every school day, and all meals are created using patterns established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

If you have additional questions about the menu or food service in general please feel free to contact our food service director.

Our four-week menu cycle provides for variety and allows us to make the most efficient use of commodities, especially seasonal fresh fruits. Our portion sizes are designed to meet the needs of growing children as Federal regulations require that we offer a minimum of each food group. We offer a variety of meats, whole grains, fruits/vegetables, 100% fruit juices, 1% and skim milk everyday.

Food and beverage items that are sold extra on the cafeteria line, through vending machines, or school stores meet smart snack nutritional standards required by the Kentucky Board of Standards, and limits access to foods with little or low nutrient density. Sales from machines or school stores do not take place until thirty (30) minutes after the end of the day.

Breakfast and lunch money should be prepaid and put into your child’s account through the cafeteria. Checks are accepted and should be made out to “Murray Independent School District (MISD) Food Service”. Accounts may be replenished at any time to avoid a negative balance. Monies in student accounts may be used for meals and a la carte items unless the parent/guardian instructs the Food Service Manager otherwise.

MISD has a No Charge policy which includes all meals and a la carte Items and is in effect at all school locations. Students/Staff with a zero balance in their account or that do not have money to pay for their meal will be provided with a sandwich and milk. Allergy information will be considered in the choice of sandwich. Notification of low account balances of $20.00 or less will be sent to parents/guardians via student folders (grades K-5) and via the student (grades 6-12) on a weekly basis. 

Families with students enrolled in the MISD are given an opportunity to apply for free and reduced meals. Only one application per household should be submitted each school year. Applications are always available at each school and the Board office. Any questions should be directed to the Food Service Director at (270) 753-5700. Please provide the student’s assigned four (4) digit POS ID/meal card) number to ensure timely assistance.
Meal Prices

    Breakfast $1.15
    MES Lunch $1.90
    MMS/MHS Lunch $2.00
    Reduced Breakfast $0.30
    Reduced Lunch $0.40

Photo of April Baldwin

April Baldwin

Director of Food Services