The employees of the Murray Independent School District constitute the most important resource for proving a quality educational program for our students.  Murray Independent School District is a community of leaders and learners. Our school district represents a great opportunity for you to grow and develop professionally.  

Whether you're looking for your first job or are an experienced worker seeking new challenges, consider a career move to Murray Independent. Our students and district will test your skills and our community will welcome you. Your compensation and benefits packages will be competitive, and you will also find we are extremely supportive.  We are an academically recognized school district that focuses on student achievement and invests in its employees. 

The goal of the Human Resources Department to:

  • Attract, recruit, select, employ, and retain the best-qualified employees available.
  • Ensure consistent and equitable employment practices exist within the District.
  • Provide ongoing communications of personnel policies and procedures to all employees in a manner that clearly defines and enhances the School Board's and administration's values and expectations.


Photo of Whitney York

Whitney York

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Human Resources