Our Volunteer Program Resumes for 2023-2024 School Year

We Welcome Our Volunteers!

MISD 2023-2024 Volunteer Program


The 2023-2024 MISD Volunteer Program will resume and all scheduled training are provided in this message. All MISD volunteers are required to attend yearly volunteer trainings, and also have a current approved state background check on file. (While, background checks are good for five years, there is a suggested $10 fee for new and updated background checks). 

Please remember to volunteer in any capacity, including chaperoning a field trip, our volunteers must meet all approved requirements before they are allowed to volunteer.

During the beginning of school

The following in-person volunteer training dates are available:

July 26@ noon at Murray Elementary School Gym.

August 1 @ 6:30 p.m. at MMS Library.


The following trainings will be held at the MISD Central Office, 208 S. 13th street, inside the Board Room.  No registration is required to attend the trainings.  More dates will be added.


August 14-


8:30 a.m.


5 p.m.


August 16


8:30 a.m.



August 18


8:30 a.m.


 When completing online training, please make sure before submitting all paperwork, you have a current background check on file.  (Remember background checks are good for five years).  If your background check is expired please drop by the central office, drop off your paperwork and pay the suggested $10.  Once this is done, your background check will be sent to the state, and once it is received, you will be placed on the approved list.  *****Please note, the lag time for background checks to be returned from the state varies.

The online training will not be available until all in-person trainings have been offered.

We appreciate each of our  volunteers, and the hours they provide to our district, students, and staff. 

 If you have further questions regarding volunteering in our district, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Sherry Purdom, at (270) 761-6508. You can also reach Sherry by email at sherry.purdom@murray.kyschools.us




 Most Successful in our state

The Murray Independent School District Volunteer Program is one of the most successful statewide school programs. 

 Assisting throughout our district

Volunteer hours include hours from the Murray Preschool Head Start, Murray Elementary, Murray Middle, and Murray High. Additionally, the MISD athletics, band programs, clubs and school organizations are also a part of the yearly total of hours.

 Long History and only getting better

The Murray District has had an organized volunteer program for 30 years and it continues to grow with nearly 700 community and in-kind services in a 1,500 student district.

 Doing It All – nothing is too small

Volunteers lead discussions, help provide supervision, collate, brainstorm, read aloud, tie shoes, sound out words, talk about hobbies or jobs, listen to students read, sing and dance with children, set up science experiments, and smile.

 Great Support – real human help

A detailed summary submitted in the 2020-2021 Community Education Report to the state, reported the MISD, with a student enrollment of over 1,500 students, provided multiple collaborations within the volunteer program, which resulted in over 7,000 volunteer hours.

 We Need You – helping where you can

Volunteers also provide one-on-one help, play instructional games, provoke imaginations, help children decipher instructions, design and create bulletin board displays, answer questions, and help students edit and revise writings. 

Photo of Sherry Purdom

Sherry Purdom

Public Information Officer