Murray High Cross Country

cross country team

1st Row- Bram Larkin, Noble Kieffer, Leah Jenkins, Holly Green, Jade Green, Nate Dyer, Ginny Chipman

2nd Row- Guervenson Binfield-Smith, Cooper Eye, Cody Hodges, Steeven Binfield-Smith, Cullen Larkin, Thomas Bucy, Jack Stiff

3rd Row- Head Coach Emily Chipman, Ben Cauley, Luke Cross, Macey Collier, Cammy Smith, Marlee Riddle, Bryan Reeves, Chayse Yearry, Luke Tomkins, Assistant Coach Eran Guse

Not pictured: Madeline Howell


The great thing about cross country is that everyone competes! Everyone runs the same course, and at every meet ALL athletes get to participate. There are no cuts and no benches to sit on and watch while others play!

Emily Chipman