MHS Implements 30 + Club in Commemoration with Top ACT Scores from MHS


MHS 30+ Club Debuts October 15

Murray, Ky., October 4-----Through the new Murray High School 30+ club, 23 MHS students will be recognized for achieving a 30 or above ACT score.  This debut honor program comes on the heels of the newly released ACT scores.

In the 2019 ACT scores, MHS ranked in the elite tier of Kentucky’s 229 high schools with a 22.5 ACT Composite.  In the 2019 state assessment released this week, Murray Independent School district ranked fourth among Kentucky High Schools in the state with a 22.5 ACT composite score among 168 (K-12) Kentucky public school districts.  Murray High School tied for eighth spot with South Oldham High School out of 229 high schools with a 22.5 composite.

A breakdown of the content composites for the 110 MHS junior assessment is as follows:  English 22.2 (State 18.2), Math 22.4 (State 18.5), Reading 22.8 (state 19.5) and Science 21.9 (State 19.1).  

As an inaugural event the 30+, Club will recognize students on Oct. 15. Ann Samons, MHS school counselor, said 23 MHS students would receive a pin to wear on their graduation stole and honor recognition on Oct. 15 at the MISD Board Meeting.  The group will also attend a luncheon Oct. 15 hosted by Murray State University Office of Recruitment.  “Throughout the year as student’s scores become available, they will also be recognized,” Samons said.

Samons said the program will be an encouragement for other students to strive for higher ACT scores.  “Students with higher ACT scores benefit with increased scholarship opportunities and KEES monies, while also opening doors for more college admission possibilities.”

Murray High School provides assistance with ACT initiatives including ACT Academy, ACT Workshops, as well as the fact that MHS teachers embed ACT prep into their curriculums.   

Coy Samons, MISD superintendent, appreciates the dedication and hard work of the MISD staff.  “These results are not only a nod to Murray High School, but are a result of the efforts of an entire K-12 MISD system.  Our district begins in kindergarten preparing our graduates for their future choices. Whatever career path our graduates choose, it is our intent to prepare them and open as many doors for them as possible. An exceptional K-12 education for our students is available.”

As the new accountability system continues to roll out and pave Kentucky’s educational pathways to assess benchmarks of student’s success, the MISD continues to show a positive upward trend of students attaining knowledge for college and life choices.

Students being honored on Oct. 15:  Christine Antony, Andrew Brown, Abigail Dawson, Bradley Dawson, Whitney Dawson, Tomas Ferreyra, Gavin Hager, Garrett Herndon, Dylan Hicks, Hayden Holcomb, Mary Browder Howell, Kathryn Jenkins, Kameryn Key, Thomas Miles, Nathaniel Rogers, Sean Shelton, Alex Shultz, Kyra Shutt, Marina Smart, Mia Todd, Emmalyn Tucker, Tommy Waldrop and Fatemeh Yarali.

Tony Jarvis, MHS principal, said the ACT reflects students' projected readiness in college.  “For those students that score a 30 or better on the ACT it is clear they have utilized the education that Murray Schools have provided, in addition to their own work and dedication, to show their readiness at an exemplary level.  These students are an elite group and to recognize them with a 30+ club shows our commitment to setting high expectations and honoring those students that live up to those expectations on this College Readiness assessment.  We, the faculty and staff, are so very proud of these students and look forward to watching this group grow and expand as more students attain a score of 30 on the exam."