Representative Mary Beth Imes Principal For A Day in the MISD

Representative Principal For A Day in MISD

Mary Beth Imes ® District 5 made a special stop to MISD's three campuses, MES, MMS, and MHS, for Principal for a Day Program.


The visit is part of the Principal for a Day Program which was enacted during the 2021 Legislative session as part of House Concurrent Resolution 25, co-sponsored by Representatives Steve Riley, Ed Massey, Ruth Ann Palumbo, and Phillip Pratt. “The Principal for a Day program was designed to give legislators a first-hand look at what is going on in Kentucky schools and to build stronger partnerships between legislators and public education,” said Representative Riley. “We want the PFAD program to be a meaningful experience for legislators to experience the challenges and sometimes difficult responsibilities of school leadership.”


During the visit, Representative Imes experienced what it is like to lead a school. She greeted students as they stepped off the bus, assisted in the cafeteria during breakfast, toured the school, and shadowed the school custodian.


"On behalf of the Murray Independent School District, we thank Representative Imes for participating in the Principal for a Day Program and appreciate her hard work in the General Assembly for Murray and Calloway County” stated Coy Samons, MISD superintendent.