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Murray High School ACT 30+ Club Inducts New Members

MHS Inducts 16 Students into MHS ACT +30 Club

During a special luncheon ceremony hosted by Murray State University in the Curris Center Ballroom, 13 MHS students were inducted into the Murray High School ACT 30+ club, bringing the total to 80 Murray High School students who have achieved a 30 or above on the ACT since 2019. Leah Jenkins, Preston Key and Madelyn Myers also received ACT +30 status, but because of AP testing were not able to attend the induction ceremony, bringing the number to 16 MHS students who achieved 30 or above on the ACT. 

MHS 2022-2023 junior student ACT 30+ inductees:  Emma Alexander, Ella Bryant, Isaac Elkins, Bella Karns, Bryce Kough, Gil Marjadi, Kelsey Morgan, Ayva Pemble-Conley, Rianna Peng, Anthony Pfannerstill, John Porter, Carson Tucker, and Sadrodin Yarali, an MHS freshman. 

Coy Samons, MISD superintendent, congratulated the inductees and Murray High and stated, “These results are a positive reflection of student effort and dedication supported by a comprehensive  K-12 approach to encourage student success in the Murray Independent School District. Our purpose is to prepare students for the next phase of life and the career path they choose.”

The program was Implemented in 2019 by Ann Samons, retired MHS counselor and the 2022 Kentucky School Counselor Association High School Counselor of the Year. Samons (Ann) began the program as an encouragement for students to strive for higher ACT scores, which benefit students with increased scholarship opportunities and KEES monies, while also opening doors for more college admission possibilities.

Toree McMain, MHS counselor, said these 80 MHS students are now recognized as ACT 30+ Club members who scored a 30 or above on the ACT and receive a pin to wear on their graduation stole.  “I am so excited to welcome these new members to the ACT 30+Club,” McMain said.  “They have each worked for years to achieve this ACT goal and it is nice to recognize them for their success.”

Murray High School provides assistance with ACT initiatives including ACT Academy, ACT Workshops, as well as the fact that MHS teachers embed ACT prep into their curriculums.

Tony Jarvis, MHS principal, said Murray High has a longstanding tradition of academic success, which translates to a wide variety of areas such as the ACT. “These students have provided themselves a great leg up on the college scholarship process with this achievement.  We are so proud to support them and look forward to seeing them go on to many more years of success.”

Kevin Munsey, MSU Lead Admission Counselor Recruitment, Kendrick Quisenberry, MSU Sr. Associate Director Recruitment, Dr. Don Robertson, MSU Vice President Affairs and Enrollment Management, Shawn Smee, MSU Director Recruitment, Dr. Tim Todd, MSU Provost and Vice President academic affairs, and Roslyn White, MSU Interim Assistant Vice President Enrollment Management, were on hand during the induction ceremony and presentation.