Murray High School Distinguished Alumnus Award

The second Murray High School Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented Saturday, April 23, 2022. This award is the highest honor an alumnus can receive from the Murray High School Alumni and Friends Association. .  During the ceremony, the 2020 Distinguished Alumni will also be honored:  Tim Adams '79, Robert Lyons, Ed.D, and Emily Simmons.   Due to COVID-19 restrictions the 2020 ceremony was postponed.
Established by the Murray High School Alumni and Friends Association, the Murray High School Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented annually to alumni who have made meaningful contributions on a local, state or national level. Murray Independent School District Foundation members faculty, staff, administrators, MISD Board of Education members, alumni of MHS, and those formerly affiliated with MHS but not a graduate, are eligible to nominate a candidate.
The purpose of the Murray High School Distinguished Alumni Award is to recognize Murray High graduates whose accomplishments serve as an inspiration to others. The Black and Gold Wall of Achievement is meant to not only recognize MHS alumni for their achievements and contributions, but also those who have honored the legacy of Murray High School. Since 1872, MHS has experienced tradition, pride and excellence, and it is important that our Tigers be exposed to examples of graduates who have made a difference and are role models. This recognition program is designed to illustrate to our students the importance of setting strong educational and career goals.
 To be eligible for the award, nominees must be a graduate of MHS for at least 10 years prior to nomination, distinguished by accomplishments that inspire others to dream and achieve, demonstrate a strength of character and service to humanity that goes beyond the boundary of a career, attend the Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony in April, or provide a video which may be used at the ceremony and in a class forum, seminar or assembly for students viewing.  Nominations will be kept on file for three years for future consideration.
Access the nomination form complete the form online and provide two letters of support, which will need to be mailed to the following address:
MISD Board of Education
ATTN:  Alumni Director
208 S. 13th St
Murray, KY 42071
Deadline for applications is Feb. 4, 2022.  (Disclaimer: Nomination does not ensure the candidate will be selected.)
A panel of judges consisting of a MISD board member, a MISD faculty or administrative member and three active members of the MHS Alumni and Friends Association will select the winner(s).